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Mission Statement & Philosophy

At Tree of Life Early Learning Center, our mission is to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where children are empowered to explore, learn, and grow. Guided by our philosophy of holistic child development, we prioritize social-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development. Through engaging programs and supportive interactions, we foster curiosity, resilience, and empathy, preparing children for success in school and life. We believe in celebrating diversity, promoting kindness, and cultivating a lifelong love for learning. Together with our dedicated educators and supportive community, we strive to empower every child to reach their full potential and become confident, compassionate individuals.





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Mission Statement & Philosophy

At Tree of Life ELC, we’re more than just a childcare center; we’re a beacon of hope and inclusivity. Led by Tracie Kennedy’s vision and fueled by two decades of experience, we offer a nurturing environment for children from infancy to age 12. Our diverse programs cater to every stage of development, ensuring each child receives personalized attention and support. With a focus on education, independence, and community engagement, we empower families to thrive. Choose Tree of Life for a holistic approach to early learning and a brighter future for your child.

Our Vision

Discover, Explore, Thrive

We prioritize nurturing emotional intelligence, fostering empathy, and building strong relationships. Through meaningful interactions and supportive environments, children develop vital social skills to navigate the world with confidence and kindness.

Our curriculum stimulates curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. With engaging activities and hands-on experiences, children explore concepts, develop reasoning skills, and lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning, preparing them to excel academically and intellectually.
Through storytelling, language-rich environments, and interactive experiences, children develop strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills. We cultivate a love for language, literacy, and self-expression, empowering children to effectively express themselves and connect with others.
We promote healthy, active lifestyles through a variety of physical activities and play experiences. From outdoor adventures to indoor challenges, children develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. Our supportive environment encourages movement, strength, and overall well-being.


What We Strive For

At Tree of Life, we strive to create a nurturing, inclusive, and stimulating environment where every child feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. Our dedicated team is committed to fostering a love for learning, promoting social-emotional growth, and instilling confidence in each child. We prioritize collaboration with families and the community, ensuring a supportive network that enriches the educational journey of every child.
With a focus on holistic development and individualized attention, we aim to cultivate curious minds, compassionate hearts, and resilient spirits, preparing children for a lifetime of success and fulfillment. Join us in our mission to provide an exceptional early learning experience where children are given roots to grow and wings to fly.

Meet Our Team




Ms. Pascale

Center Coordinator – Church Street

Ms. Melissa

Center Coordinator North Main Street


Ms. Kirsten

Infant Teacher

Ms. Bianca

Infant Teacher

Ms. Lynda

Toddler 1 Teacher

Ms. Jaime

Toddler 2 Teacher

Ms. Courtney

Toddler 2 Teacher

Ms. Nashaly

Toddler 3 Teacher

Ms. Julie

Toddler/Preschool Teacher

Ms. Ashley

Preschool 1 Teacher

Ms. Sam

Preschool 1 Teacher

Ms. Lindsey

Asst. Pre-K Teacher/ School Age Group Leader

Ms. Emma

Pre- K Teacher

Ms. Zulanyi

Float Staff



Happy Families

Steph Roberts
Steph Roberts
Greg Janik
Greg Janik
Our son just graduated from tree of life, it was a great experience he loved it and did so much better than any other school, great price great people , great environment, the teachers love each student equally,
Will Grimaldi
Will Grimaldi


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Address: 1 Church Street
South Hadley, MA 01075

Phone: (413) 322-8312

Email: Tracie@treeoflifeelc.org

School Hours: Mon – Fri: 7 AM – 5:30 PM

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